Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For some reason, all this post-season stuff I'm reading keeps giving me goosebumps. Could it be because Theron, his dad, and my stepdad are obsessed with the Brewers? That I've had to hear countless stories and opinions about how the Brewers have blown past chances? Or that I'm interested in a potential MVP and a potential Cy Young award recipient?

Whatever the case may be, Milwaukee is ablaze with Brewer fever. A rally was held yesterday at Summerfest grounds and over 14,000 people attended. I am so glad that I couldn't go - yikes! I think this is the best part of the article:

As Braun took the microphone, fans chanted, “MVP, MVP.”

They got even louder when Sabathia said he would start Game 2 on Thursday.

Brewers closer Salomon Torres continued working the crowd into a frenzy when he took his turn at the microphone.

“What’s up, Milwaukee?” he yelled. “I said, what’s up Milwaukee? Twenty-six years you’ve been waiting. Twenty-six years! You can wait no more!”

After thanking Brewers fans for their support, Torres acknowledged that the road to the playoffs wasn’t a smooth one.

“I know it’s been a very, very hard season for all of us,” he said. “At times, a lot of people thought, ‘We’re not going to make it.’ ”

Torres paused. The crowd rumbled.

“But we’re here!” he yelled. The crowd erupted.

AND in case you've been hiding underneath a rock, Gallardo is starting game one of the series against the Phillies. With him pitching, here's the confirmed lineup:

1. Mike Cameron CF
2. Bill Hall 3B
3. Ryan Braun LF
4. Prince Fielder 1B
5. J.J. Hardy SS
6. Corey Hart RF
7. Rickie Weeks 2B
8. Jason Kendall C
9. Yovani Gallardo RHP

It's pretty much business as usual, just with more at stake.

Imagine how crazy this could all get if we beat the Phillies... or if we don't. Either way, it'll be a circus, but the fans here crave vindication - we need this. All we've heard about the past few years is how good the team is gonna be and how far they'll get. I can honestly say though that, although I hoped that we'd get to this point, I wasn't sure we could do it until we got Sabathia. And even then, I knew it'd be close. But for me, faith in the team was renewed when Ryan Braun stepped up to the plate Thursday night with the bases loaded. Right then I knew he'd hit a grand slam and win us the game. With the loss on Saturday, my hopes dipped a bit, but I knew we could blow the opposition away on Sunday with CC on the mound.

And now, with Yoga taking the mound in game one, I'm confident that we can win it. The confidence grows with CC pitching game two.

The future brings with not only hope, but the true test of the Milwaukee Brewers - can they follow through with their plans? Do they have the determination? I'd like to think so.

Sleep well Milwaukee - dream about the glory that tomorrow brings.

I Promise!

I'm posting stuff after class today. I have a test in a few minutes here that I'm cramming for. Come back and check around 3 for more fun bloggings!


Sunday, September 28, 2008


That's right baby!

Ryan Braun hit a 2-run HR in the bottom of the eighth to put the Brewers ahead of the Cubs 3-1.

The Brewers play on Wednesday against the Phillies and will probably start Yovani Gallardo.

More to come later.

For now, PARTY!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Can U Meet Up 2nite?

Anyone else getting tired of hearing about problems people are getting into while texting? Seriously, don't people have the common sense not to stop in the middle of the street while texting? Or, you know, not operate a train?

In Silicon Valley, they're talking about banning texting while driving.


I text while I drive. I also text at school, at work, in the bathroom, even (gasp!) in the shower! Honestly, if you do almost anything in a smart way and in moderation, it can't hurt you. If you'd just determine the right time to text is not while crossing the street or driving a train with tons of lives on your shoulders, then you'd be fine!

People just talking on their phones have a hard time driving. Imagine that, unlike myself, they don't have the number/letter key configuration memorized, that they don't have the ability to text without looking with 98% accuracy. Those same people who can't drive and talk at the same time are now talking to others in the car, listening to music, not obeying driving laws, AND now their attention is drawn to making sure they're spelling something right?

Maybe texting while driving should be banned. Maybe there are only a select few of us can that do more than just walk and chew gum at the same time. Or maybe this is a case of the stupid few ruining it for the rest of us?

Talk amongst yourselves, I'm feeling a little furklempt.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One Whole Year!

As of tomorrow, Theron and I will have been together for a whole year.

It's funny to think of how much my life has changed in the past year. When I look back at my life before Theron, I just take for granted that he was there somehow.

I haven't seen him since move in day (almost three weeks!) but he's coming down today to spend the weekend with me. :)

That said, unless I see something ridiculous, I will not be online that much this weekend, much less posting bloggings about crazy stories... so have a good weekend everybody!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One Day More

In high school, awebunch of my friends (and my sister!) and I were in Les Miserables. While everyone ended up getting bronchitis and, in fact, being miserable, it was one of the funnest experiences of my life. SO, imagine my happiness while surfing (run by Will Ferrell and his friends - think YouTube but all comedy) today and finding this lovely video.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

I'm spreading it around like wildfire. Palin as Madame Thenardier is amazingly awesome. Honestly, I think this is the best video since... umm... the press conference over Yost getting fired yesterday?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who Wants My Virginity?

No, it's not mine - and trust me, I'm sure that Theron would object.

This girl is going back to school to get her masters and wants to create some "financial stability" for herself. I'm sorry, but how is prostitution going to create stability of any kind? This story just brings up a myriad of questions for me - how do we know she's a virgin? How can she be sure that whoever buys her virginity isn't going to a) hurt her, or, b) infect her with a disease or a baby?

She wants to get her masters in marriage and family therapy... What's a stunt like this going to do to her future marriage? How is her future husband going to react to this? Will it be something that they will be able to move past or will it ruin her future relationships?

Trust me, I believe that education is the key to our future. When we learn about the world around us, we can improve it and fix things that are currently wrong. However - and this could just be the feminist in me - I can't believe that anybody, let alone a woman who respects herself, can take part in this fiasco. I sincerely feel pity for this girl.

Maybe she's had too many of these chocolates?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beauty of Love

Love can make us jealous, whiny, annoying, clingy, bitchy, and just downright stupid...

But, love can also help us to endure the hardest of the hard & the worst of the worst. It can force us to be selfless in an otherwise self-centered world.

This is the only news story that I want to share today. This woman is in a coma in order to reduce the amount of pain that she is going through from her terminal strain of hepatitis. She was brought out of it long enough for her bedside wedding to her long time partner. She is only expected to live a few weeks longer.

I can understand that she must be in terrible pain if they have decided to keep her in a coma. Maybe it's just me - that I'm a hopeless romantic, that I'm so head over heels still after a year that I can't imagine being by Theron but not really being there, that I can't stand not seeing him for more than a week without getting amazingly lonely - but I can't imagine wanting to be in a coma - no matter how much pain I'm in - for the last few precious days and weeks of my life instead of staying awake with the people I love. Because of my health problems, I've thought about many of these types of scenarios and what I would do. I could understand if my husband didn't want to see me in pain so much - I would certainly sympathize. But I wouldn't want to be asleep so long before I die.

Even if I had to be in bed the whole time, if I had to eat through a tube, if I had to be pumped full of mega strength prescription meds, I would stay awake. I think I would suffer more to know that I was in a coma, going to die, and not spending time with someone that I love so much.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Okay, so I had a million pages to read over the weekend in between working and all that fun stuff. Funny enough, part of my homework was to look up things about women in the news. I decided to look around the election areas to find some issues that obviously exist and are being pushed in everyone's face.

I think it's interesting to note that, in just about every teen pregnancy, we always get mad at the girls - like they could've done something to fix it... I really hate this double standard crap.

We were comparing issues that Palin and Clinton have been faced with in this campaign in my American women history class today, and comparing those to any issues that Obama and McCain have faced so far. Obama was criticized for the church that he attends and Rev. Wright's views. Palin's (former, but only because of her move to Juneau) church has some issues too. Sure, some people might see Obama's church as racist. I see Palin's former church as sexist and ignorant. Oh, and ignore the errors in the article... :)

If you don't like McCain, you can look up some of his short-comings here. However, if you have issues with Obama, click here.

EDIT: If you want information on the misconceptions surrounding Palin, here's yet another page from that Theron found.

You can expect to see more frequent blog postings as I nail down a real schedule here... Ohhh bad pun wording by the religious studies major...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Have A Thing For Odd News

It's just too fun to not blog about.

Here's the weirdest news of all - David Spade is a dad. Not only that, no, but the mother is a Playboy Playmate?! Weird. The baby was born in late August. Hopefully, her doctor wasn't like this guy.

New Jersey is one crazy ass place. I think it's pretty sad that the youngest daughter has to raise all those kids now. But, thank g-d she wasn't home so that someone can take care of them.

This couple's will seems more like one that would've been left by an angry parent. However, I can see that the husband really never felt supported by his brother. I wonder what Robert thinks about all this now that his brother's dead and buried?

Oh! And breaking news! He Kexin, the little Chinese gymnast, is underage! Big surprise there. I doubt the Olympic Committee even cares right now, otherwise they'd have found out.

It always breaks my heart to see children treated poorly. That's a big part of why the following stories bother me.

An older couple in Arizona kept their grandson in a closet. Unlike Harry Potter, this young child was not allowed to attend school, play, have friends - anything. He was barely allowed out of the closet and barely given food. He weighs a mere 48 pounds at age nine.

You'd think if you were having a class sleepover that security would be pretty tight right? Or at least that the guardians on site would sleep in shifts in case the kids needed potty help or something. Unfortunately, this class down under didn't think about that. I want to know what the hell these guys were doing in the building, let alone waiting in the toilet. I think that they knew someone female was gonna have to use the bathroom during the night, and when it was a little girl that just made them happier. I hope that she is okay.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weird News

I'm trying everything I can to avoid taking about Sarah Palin... and more importantly her pregnant, engaged seventeen year old. So enjoy these odd stories I found in the den of the enemy (aka Fox News).

Ever feel like you wanted to take your mother with you everywhere you go? What about your girlfriend's mom? Well, now you can! The new 'Mom in a suitcase' will help you to keep close and cuddily contact with your mommy (or a friend's) without being embarrassed by cheek kisses in front of others. Supplies are limited so call today!

For those moms out there constantly embarrassed by their children, there is also help. No longer do you have to worry about locking your daughter in the trunk, a la Casey Anthony, but you can rent a storage unit to hide them in too!

Speaking of trunks, this Brazilian man survived three whole days locked in a trunk.

And here's why you don't do drugs... or rather, why you don't approach homeless guys to ask for drugs and then invite them back to your apartment. And really, Saw? Couldn't he have picked a movie with a little more umph to it?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thank G-d

I don't have anything else to lug up the five flights of stairs to my dorm room.

Yesterday was move-in day. Theron and I were able to get everything upstairs in a relatively good amount of time. We got most of it done early, so maybe that's why it was easier. It seems like most people waited until a little later to show up and start moving.

I got everything done yesterday that I needed to, which is so nice. We had a floor meeting last night and I guess most of the girls on my floor are freshmen, so it was a little awkward because no one wanted to talk, but they seemed nice.

My bed is extremely comfortable. I actually woke up at a regular time because I didn't feel as though I slept poorly. Theron gave me a whole bunch of his posters, so it doesn't feel naked in here... and his cow ottoman - it's so cute!

I know that the biggest thing I will have trouble with is being more outgoing. I tend to isolate myself when there are people I don't know very well unless I'm at work (don't ask, I don't get it either). Hopefully when I get home from work one night, I'll be able to branch out a little more and be a little less anti-social.