Friday, August 29, 2008

The Sex Files

David Duchovny really is a freaky m-f-er. Then again, I suppose that sex is a much better addiction than anything else he could be exposed to in Hollywood. Given his recent Showtime show Californication, however, it could be expected. It's still kinda weird to think of him as a sex addict though.

I guess McCain has picked a woman for his VP. I'm sure it's so that people will vote for him based on the "I wanted Clinton because I'm a feminist" situation. I wonder what her position is on drilling for oil in Alaska?

The classic cartoon move comes to life! Of course, it didn't turn out exactly right, but the baby is okay at least.

I'm not entirely sure how this kid was planning on using the heart or the eyelids for that matter, since I'm sure they both would've brought up a lot of questions. It makes me wonder if it's something that his former heart's owner planned on... similar to The Eye, which was a much better movie than I thought it'd be.

And, speaking of attempted murder, Steve Jobs' obituary was recently published in Bloomberg News. I guess they make pre-death obituaries in order to get the story out faster when the death occurs, and it accidentally got published. I wonder what they'll do when he actually dies now.

At least they got it fixed before death. This poor witch was executed and just recently was exonerated. I guess she was Europe's last executed "witch" but the last witch trials in Salem were held almost a year earlier. How very odd.

Oh, and to avoid losing your head like the witch, I wouldn't go to Mexico right now... or at least the Chichi Suarez and Buctzotz regions.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hefty Fines

I apologize for my long absence once again. All my free time has been going to organizing school stuff and finding cute things for my dorm room... not to mention a weekend away at Theron's.

Air Canada might face some fines should there be an accident where a life vest would save a passenger's life who dies in the future. It's removing the life vests from the airplanes it controls in order to save money on fuel and lose some weight. Seems to me that you should work on getting bigger planes than losing precautionary measures that can save lives.

The Dalai Lama is in the hospital! He'll be fine, just undergoing some tests for a bout of abdominal discomfort.

AND this ridiculous spider killed a family dog. I feel bad for them, but honestly the guy with the arm bite on this page seems more worse off.

Speaking of worse off, this baby's cancer was diagnosed simply from a picture. How amazing is that?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden!

When the Presidential race started earlier this year, I was cheering on Delaware Senator Joe Biden. During the debates he continued to impress me with the answers he gave. I was sad when he left the race, but knew that I would see him again as Obama's VP.

Biden understands that we can't just pull out of Iraq right away, that it needs to be done carefully and in stages, otherwise chaos will ensue in that region... again. He grew up a regular middle-class kid and has worked so hard to get where he is. He brings a huge amount of experience to the Obama ticket.

He can be quite wordy, which takes away from what he has to say. However, being the same way, I know that he doesn't mean to. He just is trying to fit so much information into everything he says - both in order to get hiss ideas/answers out there and to seem smarter.

All in all, I think Biden was a great choice for VP. I'm excited for them to get into the White House and make some much needed changes.

It'll be interesting to see who McCain chooses as his VP.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Better Off Without You

So my ex from high school called me the other day. I was at work, and we ended up playing a nice game of phone tag. I finally was able to get back to him tonight, only to have him tell me that he never wants to talk to me again. John is ridiculously stupid, so it's not like it's that big a deal.

I clearly have no problem with this other than the fact that we never talk anyway. He went out of his way to call me for the first time in three or four months to tell me he doesn't want to talk to me... Literally, I've talked to him twice this year.

Apparently when I broke up with him the first time (yes, there was more than one), it really screwed him up. We had an honest conversation a few months back about his fiancee and how threatened I felt when we had been going out. One of the biggest reasons I broke up with him was because of the relationship that I could see beginning to form. I knew at some point that it would come down to her or me, and that I would be the one left out.

The funniest thing about this whole conversation was that I kept thinking about Theron - how much more eloquently he would put it, how there would be no phone call if I had broken his heart and he moved on, how ridiculous it all was.

It's amazing how someone from the past can remind you how good you have it right now.

I'm sure that it's embarrassing for Theron to read about himself and how wonderful I think he is, but I like embarrassing him. :) He really is amazingly wonderful. There might be days where I get annoyed with him, where I'm not as understanding of his needs, where I flirt with other people a little too much... But he is my dream man. He's everything that I've read and dreamed about since I was a little girl, and sometimes I forget that I went for so long without him. I love him more than he'll ever know, and I'm so excited for the rest of our lives to start.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bad Girl

No, loyal readers, this won't be about my latest series of comments on Brew Crew Ball. Instead, this is about physical discipline in our schools.

As a youngster, I attended Yujin Gakuen, a Japanese Immersion elementary school which has since set up programs in Colin Kelly Middle School and North Eugene High School. I only attended for kindergarten and a bit of first grade, mostly due to an illness, but also in part because of the way they handled me and the other children.

My illness, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (Still's Disease), has been so bad in the past that it has prevented me from doing things that normal children love to do physically. During first grade, we were required to sit "criss-cross-applesauce" in our Japanese classes. One day, after recess, I couldn't sit that way due to the amount of pain that it caused. I tried explaining to the teacher, but she wasn't listening and didn't care. She picked me up by the wrist, suspending me in mid-air as she spanked me several times. She put me down and then forced my legs into the criss-cross position.

Physical discipline in Eugene (as well as the whole state of Oregon I believe) is illegal. She did not ever get reprimanded for her actions towards me, but she did later reprimand several other students and resigned.

I can confirm what the CNN article indicates - physical discipline does not help children act better. It simply makes them afraid of their parent/guardian/teacher/etc. And, as in my case, it's not always warranted punishment. It doesn't really help anyone to understand the reasoning behind why they are being punished. Honestly, detention helps kids understand and avoid repeating their actions more effectively.

I vote that physical discipline in our public schools should be banned. Private schools already don't have to follow the same rules, and it would be hard to demand they follow this one as well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Now Know All Of Downtown Milwaukee

Not too long after admitting to the world that nobody really likes me and I didn't have any friends, the ones that paid attention more than I thought stepped up to help cheer me up.

I went to Milwaukee with Ali yesterday, after eating tasty Culvers kids meals for lunch. We parked not super far away from where we wanted to go, but we weren't paying attention and we pretty much ended up walking all the way out to the lake, then all the way back over to the river. We took a boat tour, which was pretty fun. Although we had planned on going shopping a little, we didn't end up getting to because of how long we walked.

We watched part of "21" which ended up being a lot better than I thought it would.

Then another friend called me and we ended up going bowling over at AMF. I made a couple of new friends there.

We went back to the Bergs, a set of dorms at Carroll. One of my new friends is an RA, so we got to hang out in her room... and she showed me where I'll be in September. It could be because of the lighting, but that room looks terrible. :( It felt like a prison cell, and I am definitely not excited about that. Next year, I'm aiming for Charles House or being an RA.

It was a fun day, but I'm definitely paying for it right now. My calves are aching something terrible and I STILL have the headache that I had yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

World War III?

Militarily, the United States is already stretched thin. We're in both Iraq and Afghanistan, with an invasion of Iran possible in the not-so-distant future. For the most part, our issues with North Korea have been resolved - or rather, it's not an issue at the moment. Add to that the millions of men and women stationed all around the world in strategic places (or just military bases) and it's even worse. Now imagine that Russia doesn't accept our demands regarding Georgia... or that Russia doesn't appreciate us choosing Georgia over them.

There is a cease-fire in effect, but we'll see how long that lasts.

According to Mikhail Gorbachev, Georgia surely started the conflict. But, according to the Georgian president, Russia started it, so who knows. Perspective is the name of the game.

I don't really have that much more to say on the subject. I don't know the history of either country that well, aside from during the wars of this century.

Yet Another Way to Screw Our Soldiers

I know it's happened to most of us - you go to the airport, getting ready to fly someplace where sunblock is gonna be your biggest worry... and then your bag is too heavy, so you have to pay extra fees. A minor inconvenience for us can turn into a major pain in the ass for our soldiers.

Imagine, if you will, that you're getting deployed to Iraq. You've said goodbye to your sobbing family and made it through security before nearly having a mini-breakdown in the bathroom. You've been told the items that you need to bring with you, and really the only extra things you have are a mini photo album of your family and friends, and drawings by your kids. You're flying on American to get to the base where you'll depart, so you know that, unlike on other airlines, you'll get to check more bags for free. The only problem is you have three bags, and American only lets you check two for free or up to 190 pounds worth of luggage.

Now, if you don't have a voucher from the military, you have to pay anywhere from $15 to $250 before you can board the plane. You might get reimbursed at the end, but that's not a guarantee since not every 'business expense' is refunded.

And what about coming home? The trip is the same, only maybe you lost some stuff while in Iraq, along with picking up some souvenirs for your family in Germany during your time there.

Why not make an exception for our men and women in uniform? Let's make it so that they don't have to have a wavier or pay the extra money for necessities that they'll need going off to war. I don't think that's too much to ask for these people putting their lives on the line, whatever your view on the reasoning behind it may be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Comedic Tragedies

In the past two days, two seriously funny people have passed away suddenly.

Bernie Mac, 50, passed away Saturday from complications related to pneumonia that forced him to be hospitalized. The last statement before notifying the world of his death actually said that he was responding well to treatment and recovering. Sadly, we all know that everything can change in a millisecond.

And today, at 65, singer Issac Hayes was found unconscious in his Tennessee home near a still running treadmill. I suspect, due to the treadmill still being on, that the cause of death is probably going to have been a heart attack. A little more than two years after leaving South Park over issues pertaining to Scientology (Hayes' religion and the famous subject of the South Park episode "Trapped in the Closet"), it seems as though Chef will never return to any screen.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Whole Week Has Been Full O' Suckitude

Like, seriously.

I had a dentist appointment at the Marquette Dental School and it sucked. The lady basically called me a big fat cow. :( I'm in the middle of writing a complaint letter. She didn't take me seriously at all and it was upsetting and demeaning. I didn't expect the red carpet to be rolled out, but at least some sort of respect.

I was supposed to go to the fair on Friday with Theron and his mama. Not only did we not go, but the water heater in his house sprung a leak and his mama is sick!

Oh, and then today was the Brewers block party. We got there at about 1030 and spent roughly two hours in Braun's line (no, we didn't try for anyone else's autograph) and didn't get to see him at all! We were only maybe 10 minutes away. If they'd just stayed an extra fifteen minutes, everything would've been fine. But no, not only did they not show up until 1130 (which I guess is normal), but they barely stayed long enough to get anything done.

Theron snuck around and got me some pictures while I was waiting in line. Enjoy.

An awesome picture of me and my sunglasses. Theron's hot torso is reflected.

Bernie Brewer and fans.

Riske, Torres, and Counsell on stage during the Q&A session.

Braun signing OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF!!!1!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weird News Of The Day

I'm a religious studies and history double major. I can understand how Islamic law dictates that a man may have more than one wife and up to four as long as he can treat them all fairly. I also know the history behind that reasoning and that the Qur'an later says it is impossible to treat more than one wife fairly. But having 86 wives?! That's a little extreme. Especially when you note that he reportedly has cured all the sick in his large family, with the exception of two of his children. His children, I might add, number somewhere in the 170s. Oh, and nobody works in that family either, so it's a mystery how they make money and survive.

And what does SpongeBob have to do with Gitmo? Well, a NY man is using him as a poster boy (sponge?) for water boarding. He's created a ride that shows people what water boarding is like - but don't worry, you won't get harmed in the ride. The victim isn't living, nor is it SpongeBob, but instead a robot. It is supposed to help us all learn about why human rights groups see this method of 'interrogation' as torture.

In other funky news, people who love Bollywood movies will be excited (maybe?) to know that Snoop Dogg is going to be in Akshay Kumar's latest film singing/rapping a mixture of Hindi, Punjabi, and English. Apparently Kumar approached Snoop. I guess the song has already been released and is topping the Indian charts. For the video, go here. The song is kinda catchy, even if it's a weird mix.

Oh, and for everyone that was worried that Morgan Freeman (who is doing well btw) was getting divorced because of the lady in the car accident with him, you can chill. He and his wife have been separated since December '07. And did anyone else know he used to be a mechanic in the Air Force?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Unap-peeling

So I am majorly peeling now. It's pretty gross. At least I was able to stop my knees from peeling.

Morgan Freeman and his wife are getting a divorce. I wonder if that has anything to do with the mysterious lady passenger in the car accident from a few days ago...

You gotta love Oregon, even if you weren't raised there like I was. Where else can a man get pizza and KFC for a guilty plea in a murder case? It was a smart idea, though I'm not sure that the costs of feeding the man fast food for life with be less than it would've cost for a trial.

Archaeologists think they've found The Theater used by Shakespeare. It's a pretty neat story, but maybe it won't be to people not related to the Bard.

Oh... What am I forgetting today? Hmm...

Oh yeah, I guess this Brett Favre guy is gonna play for the Jets this upcoming season. Thank God, because I was really getting tired of the Santa Claus-ian coverage of Brett's every move. Of they're gonna cover him like that, I expect presents.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's Hot

I was wondering when Paris Hilton would respond to McCain's celebrity ad. Her energy plan is actually not that bad.

Funnyordie is hilarious for one big reason - Will Ferrell. He has got to be my favorite actor, but when he teams up with John C. Reily, it's magical.

Researchers found around 125,000 Western lowland gorillas in the Congo region. I think that's just proof that nature can help protect and hide animals from hunting when there's not 8 million people trying to hunt them down. I wish that humans could stop interfering with nature so much.

The Brewers won last night by a huge margin. It was a nice game to watch, but the games where we get a huge lead early on always get a little boring to watch. Hopefully tonight will be a good win.

Tomorrow I have my first dentist appt in a million years. Yay for insurance!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Dark Knight Revisited

So my parents and I went to see 'The Dark Knight' tonight. They hadn't been to a movie in years and all my raving somehow got to them when our schedules kinda matched for once.

I missed the dedication to Heath and Conway Wickliffe, but apparently it was on a little card, like that the Joker hands out. I'm still a little peeved, but oh well. If there was more of a dedication, Heath fans wouldn't be able to pay attention to the film... and Heath haters would be all fired up.

There was a posse of teens next to me talking until I shooshed them not even halfway into the movie. Five minutes before the end, one of them got on their cell phone. I swear to God, I payed $10 to see the movie again NOT to hear "Yeah, you can come pick us up now" and other such mumblings. The girls kept throwing each others' flip flops around too. Seriously, I can't imagine why kids act like that.

My burn is starting to bubble a little in the chest and my right knee. I got some Aloe Vera lotion AND spray though, so the peeling shouldn't be that bad in the end. My arms are amazingly tan now. :)

I Love The Whole World And All Its Craziness

I found this on YouTube, and if you love Dirty Jobs, you should go watch. :)

Brangelina had their adorable twins during the past week. They are so cute, but then again, they'd have to be right?

The Lohan family has some serious issues. Dina needs to go learn to parent from Britney's mom methinks. Ali apparently auditioned for a porn director? No word on when the 14 year old will be releasing her first film with him. Lindsay is all upset that the L.A. police chief said she was gay, but yet didn't attack any tabloids or magazines for their comments on her sexuality - in short, she wasn't trying to set the record straight until now.

Stephen Colbert is in trouble from the residents of Canton, Georgia, and Canton, Kansas. While he apologized to Georgia, he slammed Kansas. Apparently no one else in the nation got the memo that his show is almost pure comedy. The clip on CNN has a little girl saying she wants to kick Colbert in the (ass or balls? the mom covers her mouth before she can say it).

John McCain is driving me crazy. The ads slamming Obama are a little ridiculous. Obama never said he was the Messiah, and no one honestly thinks that he is, so really, that's just stupid. Sure, it might be clever marketing, but again, the same old crap from the Republican nominee. No one has attacked him on his age yet, so he better watch out. He may have 70+ years of life experience behind him, but how many years will he have in front of him? You can't live forever McCain.

Morgan Freeman was in a car accident last night! I hope that he's okay. They just said that he is in serious condition, which is not a happy thing. He is probably my all time favorite actor. Honestly, if he was really God, a la Bruce/Evan Almighty, I would believe. They had to use the jaws of life to get him and the female passenger out of the car late last night. I hope he is okay :(

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Party time!

The Brewers finally got over their suck spell with the Cubs to win a game last night against the Braves. The Braves are much easier to beat I'm sure, but it also helped that the team got an early lead and was actually able to hold on to it. But that isn't why it's party time...

For those of you unfamiliar with the Brewers Block Party, they happen on three days every summer, with two locations in Milwaukee parks each time. The first 300 people get free sodas and hot dogs, so that's pretty cool. I have never been, but the final one of the summer is this Saturday, the 9th from 11-130pm. It makes me sad that I can't be at both parks at the same time, or at least around the same time, because - as any normal reader should know - I have a huge obsession with Ryan Braun. BUT, I also would love to meet C.C. and Prince, because I think they're both super awesome. Here are the locations and the players for this Saturday:

ELM GROVE (13600 Juneau Boulevard)
Seth McClung
Ray Durham
Jeff Suppan
Prince Fielder
Rickie Weeks
Mike Maddux
CC Sabathia

WHITEFISH BAY (Silver Spring Drive)
Craug Counsell
Ryan Braun
Corey Hart
Salomon Torres
David Riske
Ted Simmons
Eric Gagne

Obviously, I'll be going to Whitefish Bay. It'll be pretty neat to meet Hart and definitely Braun. But it won't be fun to be all sunburned and/or peeling when I meet him. I'm sure that won't win me a phone number. :)

I went to the Fox River Valley American Legion Baseball League Class A Tournament yesterday. The first game between Horicon and Bruce was pretty intense during the last little bit, but Horicon managed to pull off the win (5-3). I didn't get to finish watching the second game, but Viroqua beat Clintonville 6-4.

I managed to get sunburned even with sunscreen on. I will admit that I didn't spray my legs until they had started to burn and, for some strange reason, I didn't spray my chest at all. Really the only spots that hurt (without being hit or rubbed of course) are the tops of my feet (stupid flip flops), my knees (shorts didn't help), and my chest. I got this awesome Aloe Vera lotion though, so it should be a little better pretty soon.