Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Israel

So the three Gazan men killed by Israeli fire on Sunday have been found to have no link whatsoever with terrorist organizations. Amazing.

At the time, Israeli army radio described the men as "terrorists", but Gen Ayal Eisenberg now says the soldiers made a mistake.

"The civilians killed by our soldiers' fire... were not involved in any terrorist operation," he told army radio.
"Our soldiers identified a civilian who was picking up an RPG [rocket propelled grenade] and, thinking he was going to fire at them, opened fire" in his direction, he added.


Separately, a report published by an Israeli human rights group found that Israeli soldiers who kill Palestinians were rarely punished.
The B'Tselem report released on Tuesday said that the military investigated only 22 of 148 cases submitted by the group.
No criminal charges were brought in any of the cases, which involved the killing of 288 Palestinian civilians between 2006 and 2009, it said.
How is it that one of the most powerful nations in the world (theoretically speaking, of course) can continue to provide support - both physical and financial - to a country who seems to be able to kill others with impunity. Can you say genocide in the making?